Daily prompt:Food for the Soul(and the stomach)


Picture this in your mind, a gentle lady clad in kimono, serving you this plate of artfully decorated sashimi. She settle the plate, takes a few moments to rearrange the orientation of the plate so that it looks its best from the angle the guests are seated. The attention to detail is what Japanese food is all about. Just imagine the chef teasing the slices of raw fish, fanning it out so that the guests can pick each piece out using the pointed chopsticks. The beautiful local vegetables prop and decorate the sashimi. What makes this dish special is the presentation of the food. The guests feel the attentiveness of the host and the visual impact of the food attracts the guests to taste the glistening freshness of the sashimi.



Chocolate Fondue


Flowers in Full Blossom


Three Little Friends

Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning

Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning

This little Piggy Goes to the Market

This little Piggy Goes to the Market

I love Sunday mornings where its a rest day and I can have a leisurely planned out breakfast for the family. Kids love to eat anything they have taken part in the preparation.

They have abundant energy and creative juices that are waiting to be discovered. I simply love this pancake animal created my daughter made from the simple ingredients found normally in the fridge. Making food for kids require some prior thought, as I found that kids love novelty, just like adults who love travelling, we simply love new ideas.

Sunny Side Up

Sunny Side Up

Sunny side up, kids version.

Fresh fruit platter

Fresh fruit platter

A dose of Vitamin C for the immune system.

A healthy breakfast with fruits, protein and carbs, needs some creativity and planning. After all, we are what we eat. Some of us, live to eat, others eat to live. Most importantly the presentation can really make a difference to entice and whet one’s appetite. Bon appetite!